Statement from Karin Housley on Richard Painter’s candidacy for U.S. Senate

SAINT PAUL, MN – Karin Housley, Minnesota state senator and Republican candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement on Richard Painter’s candidacy:

“Richard Painter’s entrance into the race for United States Senate brings Minnesotans more of the same from the Democratic Party – extremism, obstruction, and values out of touch with hardworking Minnesotans. Mr. Painter has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump, an extreme notion deeply unpopular with many in our state. Minnesotans will reject Mr. Painter’s façade for exactly what it is – an attempt to delegitimize our president and force Tina Smith even farther to the left.

Instead, Minnesotans are hungry for a leader in Washington that represent their interests. Whether it be the family on the Iron Range trying to make ends meet in an ever-changing economy or the farmer in southern Minnesota working hard so we can afford to feed our families, I will be a relentless advocate for all. By working hard, playing fair, and doing the right thing – and working together – we can keep Minnesota a great place to live, to work, to raise a family, and to grow old.

If Minnesotans are tired of politics as usual, I invite them to join my campaign for United States Senate.”

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