“A land speed record for obstruction”

In response to Tina Smith’s stated opposition to United States Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Housley for U.S. Senate spokesman Jake Schneider issued the following statement:

“President Trump had no more than uttered Judge Kavanaugh’s name before Tina Smith declared her opposition. Shouting in front of the radical left, Tina Smith pledged to obstruct the president’s nominee at every turn. Is anyone surprised? No. Radical, left-wing politicians like Tina Smith, Chuck Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren stand in the way of the president and the Republican agenda every chance they get – but this has to be a land speed record for obstruction. That’s what’s wrong with D.C. politicians – they put partisan politics ahead of what they are elected to do and the people they represent. But Minnesotans see right through the political gamesmanship; they know Republican policies are working for them, and they’ll reject Tina Smith’s brand of radical, leftist obstructionism in November.”

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