Housley Campaign Releases New Digital Ad

SAINT PAUL, MN – On Thursday, the Housley for Senate campaign released a new digital ad campaign. The ad calls on Tina Smith to address the domestic abuse allegations made against her longtime friend and political ally Keith Ellison. Jake Schneider, Housley for Senate campaign spokesman, issued the following statement:

“According to Tina Smith, Keith Ellison is a ‘long-time friend’, ‘progressive champion’, and a ‘voice for the vulnerable’whose support ‘means so much’. It’s no secret the two are political allies and mouthpieces for the radical left – but as Tina Smith claims to be a ‘champion’for women, why won’t she speak out on the domestic abuse allegations leveled at Keith Ellison?

“Tina Smith says abuse is ‘not a partisan issue’. Is she really so extreme, partisan, and out-of-touch that she’d put political allegiances and far-left politics before the people she represents? Minnesotans deserve an answer. Does Tina Smith still stand with Keith Ellison?”

The ad can be viewed online by clicking here.

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