Housley Calls Out Opponent’s Continued Hypocrisy

SAINT PAUL, MN – Following Rep. Keith Ellison’s statement in Friday night’s attorney general debate that he does not know if more domestic abuse allegations will be brought against him, Karin Housley, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement:

“In Friday’s debate, Keith Ellison again demonstrated how unfit he is to be Minnesota’s attorney general—but what’s more disturbing is my opponent’s continued hypocrisy on the abuse allegations against him. For Tina Smith to so brazenly call for a ‘full and thorough investigation’ into the allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh but openly campaign with her friend Keith Ellison is hypocritical, offensive, and just plain wrong.

“I’m so sick of politicians talking one way in Washington and another way back home, so let’s just call this what it is: career politicians like Tina Smith manufacturing outrage in an attempt to get votes. I believe in letting all accusers have their say – but for Tina Smith and her friends in the Democratic Party, it’s easier to try and silence them when it’s politically inconvenient.

“That’s not how we do things in Minnesota.”