Family childcare providers back Karin Housley

On Wednesday, Karin Housley, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, joined family childcare providers in calling attention to Minnesota’s childcare crisis and its rapid decline during Tina Smith’s tenure.Under Tina Smith, Minnesota lost 3,000 childcare providers

“The severe shortage of family childcare providers in Minnesota has been largely driven by the unmanageable burden of overregulation placed on providers during Tina Smith’s seven years in the governor’s office,” Housley said. “Minnesota families work really hard. They need affordable and accessible childcare, particularly in rural communities where there are no other options. The government is failing its people – and it has been for years.”

Since 2010, Minnesota has lost over 3,250 family childcare providers. In a recent Minnesota Association of Family Child Care member survey, over 70% of family childcare providers said they had considered closing in the next five years. Over 90% of those who considered closing, or had already shut down, said “increased regulation and paperwork requirements” were a significant contributing factor, while only 17% said low CCAP rates were a contributing factor.

“Nothing in my 15-year childcare career could have prepared me for the hardships my profession would endure during Tina Smith’s seven years in the governor’s office. If Tina Smith is elected, she will continue to push the anti-family childcare policies that got us here in the first place,” said Jennifer Parrish, a Rochester family childcare provider and advocate who filed the federal lawsuit to prevent forced childcare unionization. “That’s why I’m proud to support Karin Housley, a leader who has demonstrated a commitment to expanding quality, affordable childcare options for families and a willingness to work together.”

“We need to listen to the family childcare providers – they are telling us how we can solve this problem, but we need to do it together,” Housley continued. “That’s what I’ll do in the United States Senate.”