On health coverage, Tina Smith failed Minnesotans

Tina Smith wants Minnesotans to think she’s working to lower health care costs – but the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. During Tina Smith’s seven years in the governor’s office, the idea of ‘affordable, quality coverage’ was completely decimated by Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange known as MNsure – a ‘near-fatal crisis’ that brought the individual health insurance market to the brink of implosion.

The facts speak for themselves:

Despite Obamacare’s colossal failure to deliver on its promises, Tina Smith says she stands ‘focused on what can be done right now to defend against the … administration’s attacks on health care and making sure Minnesotans have affordable, quality coverage under our current system’. But thanks to politicians like Tina Smith, ‘affordable, quality coverage’ has become a thing of the past.

And when it comes to prescription drugs, Tina Smith might have more credibility if she didn’t take tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the pharmaceutical industry and own large amounts of stock in ‘Big Pharma’.

If Tina Smith had her way, we’d have a single-payer system that would give the government complete control over our health care – and given her record, we can already see how that would end.