Housley: Tina Smith can’t deliver on farm bill

Karin Housley, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Minnesota’s special election, issued the following statement:

“Passing a farm bill is critical to thousands of Minnesota farmers who rely on its programs to provide certainty in an unpredictable industry. Agriculture is one of Minnesota’s most important industries and there is a pressing need to get a farm bill across the finish line right away.

“As a member of the Senate Ag Committee, Tina Smith was quick to take credit for her ‘leading role’ in getting the farm bill done – but all she has to show for it is a pandering TV ad and empty promises. It seems Tina Smith would rather grandstand with divisive rhetoric and constant ‘resistance’ than find ways to work across the aisle and deliver for her constituents. Nobody elected Tina Smith, so it’s not surprising she’s using her temporary appointment to further her own far-left agenda. That’s not how we do things in Minnesota – and it shouldn’t be how they do things in Washington.

“Minnesotans won’t soon forget Tina Smith’s unprecedented hostility toward our agricultural community during her seven years in the governor’s office. From her support of the state-sponsored land grab known as ‘buffer strips’ to her advocacy for ridiculous ditch mowing mandates, Minnesotans see right through the political games.

“Minnesota farmers deserve someone who will actually work for them.”

Karin Housley is a wife, mother, grandmother, small business owner, state senator, and Republican nominee in Minnesota’s special election for United States Senate. Learn more about Karin Housley’s campaign at HousleyForSenate.com.