Minnesota special election update: Jason Rarick

I want you to meet my friend, Jason Rarick. Jason is locked in a tight race in a special election for state Senate in east central Minnesota. Jason is an electrician, not a politician – and he will be a much-needed conservative voice in St. Paul.

Jason Rarick and Karin Housley

This district has been in Democratic hands for decades – but it’s a district President Trump won by double digits in 2016. Republicans have only a one-seat majority in the Minnesota Senate – and we need Jason Rarick to expand our majority and push back on the far-left policies of metro-area liberals.

Liberal Democrats are fired up and determined to keep this seat blue, flooding the airwaves and mailboxes with false attacks and empty promises. But with a candidate like Jason Rarick, we have a real shot at flipping this seat. 

That’s why I’m urging you to join me in supporting Jason Rarick’s campaign today! 

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This special election won’t be easy. Far-left, metro Democrats have lined up to back Jason’s opponent, stopping at nothing to flood this race with outside money and lies. They know we NEED Jason’s vote to push back against their radical agenda – making Minnesota a sanctuary state, imposing radical gun control, and enacting single-payer health care. 

With our help, I know we can send Jason to St. Paul and add to our razor-thin Republican majority. 

Jason Rarick is running to bring jobs to our communities, stand up for veterans, defend the Second Amendment, and stand up for life. He’s an electrician, not a politician – and he’ll make a tremendous state senator. 

This February 5 special election is coming up quickly. It won’t be easy, but Jason Rarick can win – if we do it together. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Jason Rarick and making an immediate donation of $25, $50, $75, $100, or even more to his campaign right away. 



Karin Housley
Minnesota State Senator, District 39