Health care

As a mother and a small business owner, I understand the importance of quality, affordable, accessible health care. I believe we can achieve those goals in a responsible, innovative, and compassionate way that sets aside the rhetoric of Washington politicians. A government takeover of health care has driven up costs, hurt small businesses, and reduced the quality of care. I believe in a patient-centered, market-driven health care system that that leverages the best in modern technology and innovation to provide individuals and families with affordable, accessible coverage and care.

I support coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Insurance companies should not be able to deny coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions. Obamacare tried to force younger and healthier Americans to subsidize coverage for those with costly pre-existing conditions – who are generally older and relatively wealthier. But many younger Americans decided to forgo health insurance altogether, even if that meant paying a penalty. As a result, costs for those purchasing insurance on the individual market – including for those with pre-existing conditions – skyrocketed. 

Instead, I support targeted coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. This will increase coverage for all Americans and more-honestly fund protections for Americans with serious illnesses. The goal should be to bring down the costs of plans on the individual market while assisting poorer and older Americans who have costly health issues.

Affordable, accessible coverage.

We should increase consumers’ ability to shop around for the best and lowest-cost health care provider — driving down prices and increasing the quality of care. But choice doesn’t just involve your health insurance company; it also involves the doctor’s office. The current system we have today makes it almost impossible for consumers to see the price of basic health care procedures, and that needs to change.

With more Minnesotans depending on high deductible health plans, it is imperative that consumers be able to “shop-around” for basic health procedures. One surefire option is expanded Health Savings Accounts, which is a pre-tax pool of money you can use to purchase health care. Additionally, small businesses should also be able to pool together to reduce health insurance costs for their employees.

When people buy health plans, they should be freed of the endless web of regulation that varies from state to state and be able to purchase health insurance across state lines. The end result? More competition – and lower prices for consumers.

I support practicality.

I support children remaining on their parent’s plans until age 26. Rather than federally-mandated minimum levels of coverage, we need market-based solutions that include low-cost, catastrophic coverage. A health problem shouldn’t drive a person into bankruptcy.

Health care for poor children should always be provided – and should never be used as a political bargaining chip. We also need make sure that Medicaid actually leads to increased access and better outcomes.