America was founded by immigrants – and immigrants continue to enrich our nation. However, in order to continue this legacy, we must modernize and fix our broken, antiquated immigration system. To accomplish this, I support a federal immigration policy that maximizes public safety, strengthens families, and expands economic opportunity.

Secure borders.

Securing our borders is the first step toward a workable immigration plan that attracts the best and brightest students and workers, ultimately improving our economy and preserving our global competitiveness. That means investing more in border security and enforcement, along with providing additional funding for immigration courts to reduce the backlog of cases and streamline the judicial processes.

For the safety and security of the American people, we must have a robust, dedicated agency responsible for protecting our borders and supporting a strong, dignified, and safe immigration system, as well as working to combat drug and human trafficking. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal immigration enforcement agency known as ICE, is critical for securing our borders and carrying out our laws along our borders and at our ports of entry.

Safe communities.

I oppose sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, where violent criminals – such as murderers and rapists – are not reported to federal authorities. In addition, I fully support the efforts of federal authorities to root out violent criminals and gang members. Though it is not current administration policy, I do not support deporting illegal immigrants, who have no violent criminal record, for minor infractions such as a traffic violation.


I support a path to legal status for illegal immigrants who were brought here – through no fault of their own – as children.