Mining is one of Minnesota’s most important industries. When it comes to copper-nickel mining, I believe we can both protect our environment and mine responsibly, maintaining our clean water while opening the door to a major economic boost.

I support copper-nickel mining. Here’s why:

  • There is a need. Currently, the United States imports 40% of its copper and all of its nickel – but responsible mining here in Minnesota can change the need for dependence on other countries. Right now, there is only one active nickel mine in the U.S., but our country consumes 202,000 tons of nickel annually. Copper, nickel, and precious metals are essential to a green economy – and are used in millions of other products every day.
  • It’s good for our economy. Copper, nickel, and precious-metals mining will create jobs for generations, vital to the economies of many northern MN communities. Sulfide mining is estimated to provide more than $2 billion for the Minnesota Permanent School Trust Fund
  • It’s environmentally-responsible. With a strong and workable regulatory process in place, Minnesota has some of the strictest environmental standards in the world — which mining companies are required to meet or exceed during the environmental review and permitting process. Plus, today’s mining process is environmentally responsible, precise, and thoughtful, utilizing modern technology and scientific knowledge to better predict, plan for, and prevent or control adverse environmental impacts.
    Karin Housley supports mining