It’s your money, not the government’s.

As a small business owner, I understand the crushing impact high taxes have on job creation. I believe a healthy economy begins when hardworking Minnesotans keep more of their earnings and businesses are free to spur economic growth.

Tax reform is working.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 cut middle class income taxes and lessened the tax burden on small businesses, which employ the majority of the American workforce. After years of American companies shipping jobs overseas, tax reform made common-sense changes to the corporate tax code in order to spur more investment here at home, and lowered the corporate tax rate to make American businesses more globally competitive.

In fact, major Minnesota-based companies, such as Target, Ecolab, U.S. Bank, Best Buy, and TCF Bank, made significant charitable contributions, gave their employees large raises and bonuses, and made large reinvestments in their operations — all thanks to tax reform.

However, the tax cuts for individuals and small business are not yet permanent. I support making those cuts permanent and looking for other areas in which we can lighten the tax burden on the middle class.

My record speaks for itself.

As a state senator, I’m proud of my record supporting lower taxes and job creation. In 2017, I voted for the largest tax relief package in nearly two decades, which provided $650 million in tax relief to middle class families. The tax relief package brought Minnesotans a phase-out of the tax on Social Security income, a student loan debt tax credit, property tax relief for small businesses, and property tax relief for farmers and landowners.

My opponent? Not so much.

Minnesota is the least-tax friendly state in the nation — and hardworking Minnesotans are being crushed by the burden. During Tina Smith’s seven years in the governor’s office, the state tax burden placed on Minnesotans increased across the board.

In fact, Tina Smith supported billions in new taxes and tax increases — including the largest tax hike in state history. She supported raising taxes on income, online purchases, gasoline, motor vehicles, clothing, cigarettes, alcohol, and consumer services. She was even willing to shut down our state government because of a dispute over raising taxes.