I believe in free and fair trade, unhindered by practices that unfairly disadvantage one side of a trade relationship. In a global economy, American workers are positioned to succeed as long as we are playing by the same set of rules. To grow our economy, we should encourage free trade ā€“ but not at the expense of our national security or shipping jobs overseas.

We must afford the president flexibility and trust in negotiating trade deals that benefit the American worker, and it is the role of Congress to make sure those deals are being carried out appropriately. The president has shown he is able to get major players like Mexico to the table, and Iā€™m hopeful he can follow through in attaining an equitable trade agreement with our important trade partners like Mexico, Canada, and China.

We can strengthen our economy by a long-term trade solution that balances the need for fair trade practices with protecting and growing international markets. I believe we should protect the standards put in place under NAFTA, support the trade negotiations taking place with the European Union, and explore bilateral trade agreements with other countries, particularly in Asia, as we look to expand into new markets.