Jobs & the Economy

  • I want to help get this state back on track to being prosperous. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on growing our economy & improving our job climate. We need to keep our businesses here and we need to help to create more jobs. I will work diligently for job growth in our state by easing the taxes, high fees, & complicated state regulations.

  • We need to be fiscally responsible, stop runaway spending and stick to a balanced budget.


Economic Development

  • Being in the real estate business, we saw a turn in the economy before it was publicly declared a “recession.” Homes were taking longer to sell as the pool of buyers was drying up and there weren’t as many potential buyers relocating to the Twin Cities.

  • Tens of thousands of Minnesotans have lost their jobs, endured pay cuts, benefit cuts and reduced hours.Minnesota’s poor business climate has contributed to this financial demise. Our anti-business tax, regulatory, and job creation climate has made this recession worse for Minnesotans than it really had to be.

  • It’s no surprise that this is where we ended up. It’s a logical result of public policies enacted by our legislature that have handcuffed our employers, employees and everyone else who has tried to grow a small business, pay taxes, give back to their community and keep the state moving forward productively


  • I am passionate about education. Born of two public school teachers, (my dad, Pete Locke, taught at South St. Paul High School for 33 years. He  was also the basketball, baseball & golf coach and an all around nice guy).  I was taught through the public schools, and all four of our kids have gone through the public schools. Education is a priority when I get to the Capitol. Minnesota used to be one of the top states in the country in early education, whichmade us a wonderful state to raise a family. It also provided the foundation for peopleto find great jobs.  We can be that again if we can work with teachers and not be strong-armed by special interests groups determined to maintain the status quo… I will work with parents and educators to:

Improve the quality of teaching.

Address the student problems outside of the classroom.

Hold schools accountable.

Prepare ALL students for life after high school.

  • Having lived throughout the country, and seeing other state’s public school systems, Minnesotans should be proud, but there is plenty of room for improvement, and no time for slacking. I will work hard to make sure the children of Minnesota get the high quality education they deserve.

Health Care

  • The ever-increasing cost of health care and outrageous cost of prescription drugs must be addressed. Opening our health care system to competition, increasing consumer-based decision-making in the process and providing greater incentives for those who purchase long-term care insurance are a couple cost-friendly approaches with promise.

At a cost of over one trillion dollars, the new health care law is too costly.  And contrary to what my opponent might say, it won’t create sustainable jobs, because we don’t have the money for it.  My goal is to make Minnesota one of the ten lowest states in health spending per capita by 2015.  We can do that by opening the insurance marketto competition.  Focusing on preventive care and rewarding healthy individuals.